Customised Learning Solutions for Your Organisation

In order to stay relevant and competitive in the ever-changing and challenging business world, it is very important to stay up-to-date. And we. at Infinite Academy Pte Ltd, know the value of consistent improvement and development of individuals and the organisation.

People are the ones that make an organisation work. Therefore, keeping your staff up to date on knowledge and skills that apply to their roles can ensure that they stay competitive and current in this fast moving world.

We will create customized learning solutions to help you reach your organizational goals. With the relevant practical assessment tools and outstanding educational resources, these tailored-to-your-needs solutions are your key to a workplace where everyone’s focus is fixed on the organisation’s common goals. It will add value, bring stronger commitment and produce results-oriented teamwork.

Why Customised In-House Training?  

Customised In-House Training is often the cost-effective avenue to train your staff with the same training requirements. You can customise your training needs to align it with your organisational value, culture & needs. You can also get specific solutions according to your work processes and strategic vision. These trainings can be conducted at your venue, and according to your date and method of choice.

From leadership skills to project management techniques, financial accounting & legal issues, performance management to senior management issues, no matter what your learning and development needs are - Infinite Academy Pte Ltd will meet them for every level in your organisation.

Area of Expertise

We have expert trainers and professionals who are well versed in the following areas.

Employment Law & Practise

  • Drafting & Vetting Employment Contracts
  • Employment Act and its Practical Implications
  • Work Injury Compensation Act
  • Handling & Resolving Termination & Dismissal Issues
  • Handling & Resolving Foreign Employee Issues

Contracts & Legal Issues

  • Understanding the Elements of Contract Law for Non-Legal Professionals
  • Contract Administration
  • Security of Payment Act
  • Drafting, Vetting & Negotiating Procurement Agreements for Non-Legal Professionals
  • Drafting, Vetting & Negotiating Service Level Agreements for Non-Legal Professionals
  • Drafting, Vetting & Negotiating Landlord & Tenancy Agreements for Non-Legal Professionals

Executive Skills

  • Effective People Management Skills
  • Effective Workplace Communication Skills
  • Resolving & Managing Conflicts in Workplace
  • Coaching & Mentoring for Enhanced Teamwork & Performance
  • Problem Solving and Decision Making
  • Effective Negotiation Skills
  • The Art of Delegation
  • Relationship Marketing
  • Effective Interviewing & Appraisal Techniques
  • Presentation Techniques
  • Effective Business Writing Skills

Construction & Engineering

  • Project Management
  • Productivity & Value Creation
  • Risk Management
  • Worksites Complaints Management
  • Human Errors Management
  • Payment Claims Handling & SOP Adjudication
  • Government Procurement Procedures
  • Earthworks
  • Construction Project Auditing
  • Contractual Issues & Dispute Resolution
  • Practical Mediation for Construction Projects
  • Electricity Network Equipment Operation & Maintenance
  • Electrical Installation Practices
  • Emergency Plan Preparation
  • Electricity Supply Application & Substation Requirements
  • Singapore Electricity System
  • Electricity Regulatory Framework
  • Energy Conservation
  • Clean Energy
  • WSH Act Regulatory Framework
  • Work Improvement Practices
  • Working Safely at Heights
  • Workplace Safety Audit
  • Workplace Safety Practices

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